Sunday, 29 January 2017

Unique buildings are Made of Unique Material

The residence is an urgent need in addition to clothing, as to have a place to shelter at least be able to protect people from exposure to the weather that is currently difficult to predict. But to get a place to stay was not easy, especially with the price of building materials are expensive. But the man who has a sense, creative and innovative always discount the way to overcome these problems. Here we summarize the five buildings are made of a unique material:
1. Home Plastic Bottles
Recycle materials that can not be decomposed naturally now intensively conducted by lovers and environmentalists, in addition to being an alternative material also can prevent further damage to the ecology. Being alternative materials because it is cheap and easy to obtain, such as beverage bottles. As in Taiwan, there is an exhibition space that the building materials made from the composition of bottles.
While in third world countries, some people must have shelter made of metallic materials were rusted and it was not healthy. While using the arrangement of bottles (already cleaned) indoor air can circulate quickly, and incoming light can be set, especially, the bright lights of sunlight coming through colorful bottles.
2. Home Used Tires
Millions of vehicle tires made of rubber disposed of each year, is burned or recycled. But there is also using old tires as a base material to make a home. Tires are arranged in such a way that has the strength and toughness, so it is good to be used as a wall of the house. And the rubber is a material that quickly absorbs heat, hot and cold, so that the air in the room houses the tire will be stabilized. And for those who do not like the color or smell, the wall can be coated by the wall paper or other plaster.
3. Buddhist Temple Of Beer Bottles
The latter is different from the second list above because it is a building which used to crowds and worship. Wat Pa Maha Chedi there is a Buddhist temple in Thailand, but that makes it unique is the mosaic walls are made of the composition of a beer bottle. In addition to making a mosaic, this bottle wall may at any time give a beautiful light in the temple. The monks who built this temple hopes that more people can take advantage of second-hand goods that are still useful. Especially of goods they buy as bottled drinks and so on.


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