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Luxury Home Design Concepts Mediterranean

Quite difficult to define luxury homes in the most specific sense because in general the type of house has models, shapes, sizes, and designs vary. However, a brief overview of a luxury home is a magnificent house, spacious, interior beautiful exterior design, and synonymous with expensive furniture and classy. Luxury house itself including high-value investment property that belongs only to certain circles. Manufacture of luxury home design must necessarily involve more than one power of professional architects as many variations of both exterior and interior design, so that each part requires special handling. Unlike the kind of minimalist home that maximize the function due to a certain extent, luxury homes tend to prioritize decorations to beautify the appearance of the house to make it look more luxurious and modern. Practically almost all models of luxury homes in Indonesia refers to the European-style architectural design. It can be seen from the model building luxury house itself has large pillars that are common to the front and side of the house. Of course, the placement of this pillar is the character of mansions stately, sturdy, and impressed 'masculine'. Luxury homes are generally designed with a lot of points and geometric elements are formed pillars, porch, or facades. This obviously varies inversely with the general concept of a minimalist home is dominated by box, plain, and almost without ornamentation.
Living in luxury homes such as houses in Italy, Spain, Turkey, Greece, and other European countries today are not just limited to the dream. In Indonesia today has developed a luxury home designs which adopts the architectural style of the houses in developed countries such as the countries in Europe. The architectural design of this model is the Mediterranean-style home, with a concept like this we hope to someone can live in modern luxury housing and can be easily realized. Decorative Elements Luxury Home Design Concepts Mediterranean Decorative elements as well as ground color is applied to the wall of the house into one characteristic Mediterranean building design. Indeed, most of the houses with a Mediterranean concept tend to use natural terracotta color or other colors such as classic European home. The thickness and density of the results of the process of painting in general is not the same as compared to the minimalist house or other houses in general. Interestingly, the design of the Mediterranean can be applied to any size home. In fact, the design is very suitable for occupancy in tropical countries such as Indonesia. Typical character Luxury Home Design Concepts Mediterranean Mediterranean style home design that is more flexible and has a distinctive character. There is a certain part of the field of home design that distinguishes the Mediterranean with other home design. Mediterranean house roof design models generally use gable design, while on the walls dominated by natural materials such as marble or stone art is worth more. The window size is smaller than the usual home and generally rectangular box with the top of the semicircle curved design. The main door of the design of most of the Spanish Renaissance style and classic European home. But there is also a rectangular door model is also equipped with a ventilation rectangular or half circle. The presence of Mediterranean design should be considered as well as a solution for those who need a modern dwelling house that looks more luxurious, especially for us who live in big cities. And what about us who do not have more budget to build a model house Mediterranean? Mediterranean style home is not always synonymous with luxury home design, but tend to be more flexible so as to adjust the size of the house. In other words, the house with the concept and design of the Mediterranean can be applied in a minimalist house with all its limitations. The most important in the design of the house is the comfort and ease of factors must be a priority, and the concept of the Mediterranean is the answer to these factors.

Model Minimalist Simple

Regardless of the extent or size of which varies, many factors that confer a benefit if we choose simple minimalist model homes. This type of model homes in addition to the relatively low price / low, the shape is also more simple and compact so it is easier in terms of treatment. Minimalist simplicity of the look of the building of this size is not too large and is located on a plot of land is limited. In the context of a minimalist home is simple but it tends to be easier to maintain because it only consists of a standard room like a living room, family room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. Although there is usually minimal ornamentation, does not mean at all that simple minimalist home is not allowed to have ornaments. Ornaments may exist but this part does not become excessive so that the element of simplicity becomes a higher priority. Minimalist design characteristics generally is the dominance of straight lines and bold field elongated box. Geometric designs such as field curve, circle like a ball may be only part of certain parts and even then it was minimal. In terms of color, apply a model of a house is more neutral colors which tend to be soft. Bright colors like red, orange, or yellow usually just as an accent or color variation that is not too flashy looks minimalist and boring. Simple minimalist home design itself is usually followed by the exterior design is also minimalist, as part of the fence and the house garden. For the interior you can see Simple Home Interior Design.
Fence Minimalist Simple Minimalist fence is usually a simple model, bantang series designed iron rods perpendicular, but there is also a straight sloping shape with variations in the upper arch. Referring to building design that uses the concept of minimalism, the fence is also no carving at all. If there is a slight accent in the middle, usually only in the form of rod-bantang with the position in the opposite direction. Or it could be a box full of accent or triangle model in the middle of the fence. Simple minimalist model homes rarely use a fence with iron materials are generally expensive. If using metal and even then the price can be considered medium or low. Here, all focused on the design, which means that although the materials are cheap, but it must be modern and special designs. The choice of colors for the fence is usually aligned with the front wall color. For example, if the wall color is gray, the color of the fence is usually black. Another if the fence dark brown if the walls ivory colored beige. If the fence element is designed without ornaments, as well as minimalist colors and smooth without any variation. Parks Minimalist Simple Garden houses including the house exterior or exterior which is needed to meet the criteria for a healthy home. Despite the small size, but the existence of the park was able to increase the overall beauty of the landscape of home. Small gardens are lush usually placed in front of the house and like the fence that implements the concept of minimalism, this park also uses the same concept, that there are many types of plants or flowers, but only a few plants are simple and not too dense. In addition to a small garden, usually the corner of the front page there is a rather large plants. In addition to these plants as decoration are used to produce oxygen into the atmosphere so that simple minimalist house remains cool and comfortable. Complementary Minimalist Simple Completing a simple model of a minimalist home, bathroom section also requires the same design with a touch of another room. But generally bathrooms have characteristics much simpler than any other room in the house. It can be seen from the ceramic motif that is not too crowded or inclined plain. Usually tiles for bathroom floor tiles from the rough texture that is applied to the wall. Do not forget to see the Newest Model Prefabricated Houses

Modern Minimalist House photo

Quite relevant if we interpret as modern minimalist house with furniture and ornaments Minimal, but more dynamic, precise, and functional. Given the basic principles of minimalist house itself further maximize functionality and minimize decoration, so natural that most people prefer this type of model homes because in terms of making apparently does not require excessive budgets. With at least we can see from the pictures or photos modern minimalist house where the house is synonymous with vertical lines and horizontal firm, combined with the dominance of neutral colors such as white, gray, black, and beige. But remember, not all houses with characteristics such as the present can be considered a minimalist home. In fact, sometimes the word "minimalist" to be followed by a minimalist budget, but too far from the truth. This is the cost to build a house that is said to be not completely minimalist comparable with the cost to be minimal. It is not uncommon for building houses at a unit cost of construction is supposed minimalist tend to be more expensive than homes without minimalist concept. Well, in anticipation of the unnecessary expenditure of funds while gaining the modern minimalist house in a real sense, there are certain criteria that must be met in a minimalist house itself.
Terms minimalist Model homes modern minimalist simple and dynamic when viewed from the side of the house, especially for the interior design, the main core of the house is minimalist. Departing from the design here is really minimalist is not confined to specific rules or grip there. Not only that, minimalist concept synonymous with simple impression and expressly does not make the design of the house seemed 'arrogant'. To realize a minimalist house building pure, minimalist house design must meet the following criteria: Has a land / Area Open Modern minimalist house image usually only show the physical shape of the building from the outside while the interior is still less attention. So here also must be told that the house is minimalist, especially the inside there is a lot more open area, and is dominated by a large wall. In a minimalist house itself usually use natural light including a main priority. That is why the type of house a more open area that is visualized on the large size windows and vents. The goal for the overall space supply gets enough light and facilitate air circulation. Minimalist home there is not much plot. In other words, all designed to tighten and straight from front to back. Dominant Color White and Grey In terms of choice of color modern minimalist house design almost certainly apply a minimalist white color as well as the dominant color. As a complement or accent usually use wood elements and metal gray, or use black. Special interior space, minimalist home decoration accessories there are many types such as paintings, calligraphy and artwork. Quite often there is wallpaper on the wall, but not too many patterns and motifs. Kitchen Set For a minimalist kitchen space generally apply the same color as the other chamber, which is white. The reason is obvious that for the kitchen looks clean and tidy. In the design of modern minimalist house two floors of this section is usually equipped with a kitchen set with matching color. Not only for storage of kitchen utensils and cutlery, kitchen set placement are able to make the kitchen look more luxurious, modern and aesthetic. Parks and Plant minimalist Parks may be less exposed clearly in the photo minimalist home, but this part is also an important component in modern minimalist house. Parks too many flowers and plants was also not too good, in fact it is often regarded as an error. Examples of plants in accordance with the character of a minimalist home is a cactus, a plant or flower that is neutral.

Minimalist Luxury Homes

Either because the model is minimalist or because of other factors, kind of minimalist home is so popular in the community, but it is now almost every design is always followed by the word "minimalist". For example, a simple minimalist house, minimalist luxury homes, fences minimalist, minimalist garden, minimalist kitchen, and more. It seems like all the designs, especially with regard to the house is not complete without frills minimalism, although minimalist taste itself is not necessarily understood let alone implemented. So what exactly is the definition of a word, this minimalist and what effect if applied to the design concept of the house? Minimalist words that are popular into an appendage after the word home and other words can be defined as a form of simple design and simple. Simple in this case can be interpreted using minimal materials and are not too expensive, but it can produce a tiny house design, beautiful, precise, neat, combined with bold colors. So even though there is the nature and extent of any size, minimalist house prioritize functionality with features clean house and there are many geometric lines so as to create a more streamlined design. To get the full effect of minimalist typically use multifunctional elements that promote effectiveness. Minimalist look is also reinforced with a mixture of vertical or horizontal lines so that the design looks more open and neatly on the wall.
Minimalist Design Concepts Luxury Homes Similarly, luxury homes around which also uses the same concept. Perhaps the only difference is the size of the home. As the concept of minimalist home in general, factors lighting (lighting) plays an important role to realize a minimalist model homes. To further highlight the general home lighting minimalist elements by placing good quality and bright lights. Purpose lighting to give the effect of a more clean and modern covers an entire room in the house. Not only the space that should be highlighted lighting, basic colors in a luxury home should also be taken into account, and aims to maximize the minimalist elements. To strengthen the minimalist style that is applied is usually home only use neutral colors such as white and black. In this case the white color is used as the dominant color, while the black color for the accent firmly. As with simple minimalist, white and black colors are often applied in equal portions. An example can be seen in the design of the floor using wood materials tend darker. In contrast to the minimalist house simple, minimalist design luxury homes might be a concept to explore some of the colors in the room, especially the bedrooms. Bright colors that give effect to light such as orange, red, or yellow when combined in a single color will give a more interesting contrast effect. Of course, for some applications this color should be distinguished where the dominant color and the colors that are used as accents for a luxury home. In other words, the application of each color to be distinguished. The combination of colors is not only applied to the wall but can also be obtained from the whole room elements such as furniture or furniture, trinkets and accessories. With a portion of balance, of course, this color combination could give effect more attractive, bright, and estesis. Given the topic this time is a luxury minimalist, then less afdol if we only pay attention to every part of the minimalist. Here the impression of luxury can be obtained from the proper arrangement of the room layout minimalist home. Basically the layout of all the elements in the room needs to be considered, such as the arrangement of sofas, cabinets, tables, and other furniture. Not only provide space more space, but the setting right and systematic layout is one of the key interior design of luxury homes.

Prefabricated house models Latest

The development of technology and science in general always have a positive impact on the change towards a more modern, including the design and model homes. Almost every year the architect to bring home the latest model homes from the simplest to the most modern and luxurious. Departing from the model example of prefabricated houses includes different models, types, sizes, and prices, consumers increasingly spoiled by the design house that is always up to date and certainly more modern, stylish, and certainly provide comfort for occupants.
One proof of the progress of the model homes we can see from the development of the design of prefabricated houses or more in short that is now beginning to be developed in Indonesia, the bulk of prefab. Prefabricated house is a house with construction faster because it uses a module fabrication method of industrial or factory. These components are installed in the same house made of the site or the factory itself. After completion of all transported to the site or land, then reassembled so just do the finishing. That way we can take some of the benefits are very profitable make rapid construction, the environment clean, and of course a cheaper cost. Changes in Terminology Based on the facts above, the connotation of prefabricated houses of this kind began to change. The first prefabricated houses constrained by the limitations of terminology materials, bulk, and hybrid in one location. But for now prefab houses like most homes. It is characterized by the material even lately extremely diverse high-tech. Development will not have a mass or a long time, flexible and suited to the needs of a more permanent nature. Prefabricated Houses definition The definition of a prefabricated house is actually very diverse. Prefab homes abroad is known as manufactured home that is the latest model of the dominant home of the steel structure. This of course follows the character of mobile homes (caravans) is a dynamic type of house that became the forerunner of prefabricated houses (also called portable prefab house). In Indonesia, another definition of prefab houses or rather there is only one definition, namely the structure of the house with specific modules and is built like a regular house of one floor of house to house low rise. The difference is largely finished components at the factory. Many people sorting defines this group lived in the house as well as the cultural characteristics of prefab houses in Asia. Prefabricated house history Bygone era prefab house type frequently used options for faster development in terms of funding and also cheaper. The first type of material to rely more on wood as the main material because, according to the technology at that time, the wood is very popular with flexibility. But now the materials used for prefab house itself is very diverse. Not only wood but rather on the more modern materials such as light gauge-steed or mild steel, precast concrete or precast concrete, timber framed or plywood, as well as materials or other modern materials. When the prefab houses sold in large numbers of people can choose prefab house individually by looking plaza housing catalog or showroom. And if interested, the house should be set up with an estimated 1 month, of course if all the requirements including land already available. See also Model 2 floors and a minimalist design Model Figure minimalist Type 21 Prefabricated houses As a Solution Although it can be said to be the latest model of the house but the types of prefabricated houses is actually the solution because of the lack of land and the high price of land so that the building becomes one of the obstacles most people who want to own a home, especially among young families. So those who live in suburbs or small towns that generally become this market segment with the developer prefab houses. Prefab home point is prioritized for those who have chosen to stay at home the principles of its own despite its small size.

Sketch minimalist design stages

Solutions for the construction of houses with a model adapted to the planned cost is to create a picture or sketch of the house. This applies to all types of home without exception in terms of shape and size, including a minimalist home though. Departing from the sketch, we can easily figure out the square footage of homes are planned including the number and overall living space. If the building area covers all the elements in it we knew it, we can predict how much budget should be provided. In this case the budget includes costs for the procurement of building materials, the cost of arsiktek and workers, as well as other additional cost estimates. Basically sketch minimalist home is required to determine the estimated budget must be provided to prevent swelling of funds in the future, as well as to obtain minimalist shape as desired. Related to the design and minimalist sketch of course we can not close our eyes that generally this type of house model has limitations in terms of building area. These conditions greatly affect the construction of the house itself, including in terms of sketches, plans, interior and exterior design. In other words sketch, plan, and design minimalist house has its own difficulty level with respect to keterbatasaan land area for the manufacture of the house. So natural that minimalist home construction process should be considered thoroughly in order to create a minimalist home comfortable, perfect, and certainly functional.
Step Planning minimalist We must admit, handed over entirely to the construction of houses arsiktek service does require a small cost. To save as well as learning about the architectural design of the house, there is no harm if we design a minimalist sketch of what we want and handle yourself after the sketch of the house. If we intend to make a minimalist home without the intervention of architectural experts, the following steps must be learned. Learn Models and Land Size First we have to do is to study the ground data including the model and measurements of land, then we visualize in the form of a picture or a map or sketch. If the size of the land we have set, we make the details or the amount of space needed to make the scheme one by one. Determination of the amount of space itself must refer to the existing building area. After the stage of making plans completed, then we begin to make home design according to our wishes. We recommend this minimalist house design creation from the most easily, gradually and then to the most difficult stage. In addition to the manual, this phase can be completed faster by using application architecture through the tool is the computer. Budget allocation minimalist After several stages of the above means we skip the design process we make a sketch house has been completed. Next we move to the image processing include structures, constructions, as well as details of the building as a whole. Once this phase is finished we make the details of the division of labor, including details of the materials that we need. It should be remembered that the details of the budget for building materials should be adapted to the available budget plan. So that should be taken into account, the allocation of funds not only a priority in the procurement of materials, but also other needs. There are many records that we can learn from the process of making plans and minimalist sketch above. From start to finish any stage we got the result that we will be able to make the guidelines when the process begins. The results we get is a picture of the working conditions and work plans, and to build a budget plan we need. It would be better if this result we have embodied in draft form. The draft sketch minimalist home is very necessary and important to know in detail the specifications of the house while avoiding swelling of funds outside the plan.

Know the Toraja traditional house Architectural Design

You could say the uniqueness that comes from a distinctive symbol dareah region itself. For example, the traditional house. As we know each area or more specifically, for each province in Indonesia, there is a traditional house with different characteristics and have unique characteristics to then represent a cultural symbol of the area. One of them is called Tongkonan Toraja traditional house, which is typical traditional house Tana Toraja in South Sulawesi have values ​​very strong cultural traditions associated with local communities.
Tana Toraja condition that the cold air is the reason for the architectural design of the house which is generally based on the size of the doors and windows are relatively small and the walls and floors of wood designed thicker. Likewise, roof, roof design Toraja traditional house made of bamboo structure is very strong. The purpose of this course construction design that the interior temperature warmer air. The local culture wisdom Cosmology Tana Toraja people generally use the concept of culture-Cosmology wisdom in building a house, namely the concept of 'home center' which is a blend of cosmology and symbolism. In the perspective of cosmology, according to the traditional Toraja house community is a microcosm of the macrocosm which is a component of the environment. Home center can be defined into two special 'meraga'. In this case the first meraga fireplace is located in the middle of the room and a roof that rises above the living room where the roof into one with smoke (sky father). While the second meraga is meraga as the main pole or pillar, for example a'riri possi in Toraja, balla pocci in Makassar, and possi ball in Bugis, where the pillar merges with Mother Earth. Guided house build Philosophy of Life In building a house, a traditional Toraja people are also guided by filososfi life which is called "Aluk A'pa Oto'na". This philosophy has four meanings outlook on life is: The glory of God, human life, and Cultures, and Nature of Life Ancestors. Fourth this philosophy later became the basis for the creation of traditional Toraja house plans rectangle bounded by walls. The separation wall also has a meaning which symbolizes the "body" or "power". Confined Space In House Architecture Design Traditional Toraja In a traditional Toraja people believe more in the power of self or "Egocentrum". This belief is reflected in the architectural design concept that dominates the private enclosed space. If there is an open space, and even then it is quite narrow. The concept of the architectural design of the traditional Toraja house receives a significant influence from the cultural ethos of the so-called "tallang simuane" or often called the philosophy of "harmony". Namely two pieces of split bamboo and designed respectively closed, such as the installation of parts of bamboo in building barns or custom homes. Layout Traditional House of Toraja Custom layout Tongkonan house is always oriented North and South, this is taken into account in making the architectural design. In detail, the front of the house should be oriented to the North or the habit of Toraja called Puang Matua direction "Ulunna rainbow". While the house should be oriented toward the rear of the South, or is believed to be the direction Pollo'na Langi spirit ". While the other two cardinal directions East and West symbolizes life and maintenance. Directions to the East believed to be the direction of DEA or "God" gives life and preserve the world and everything in it. While the West is believed to be the direction where the ancestors or Todolo. All the orientation direction of the wind is then translated into the balance. If translated architecture, the balance can be applied in the form of symmetrical buildings. From this discussion we can draw the conclusion that there are three basic principles of the architectural design of the attachment Toraja traditional house, orientation, and symmetrical.

Unique Home Design Ethnic Nuance

Interesting definition of unique home design can cover a broad sense. Unique can mean various forms of house building in general, or it could be an interior designed to impress others more artistic than others. On the other hand the unique design of the house is sometimes associated with a particular area of ​​the original culture. By accentuating the model of traditional buildings, a unique color will feel thicker at home. One of the many homes that exist in Indonesia, home Batak tribe has a fairly unique design, especially the shape of the building. Not only that, the material used to build a house derived from natural products that ethnic look more natural. Batak house is also often called Bolon house with the characteristic curved roof was designed with parts made tapered edge. This traditional house looks like stilts and made of wood in the main building. The uniqueness of traditional Batak houses turned out to have the value of its own philosophy, both during the construction process until pendekorasiannya stage, all have a special meaning.
Development Processes Traditional House Batak Like most traditional in other areas, tolerance among individuals in Batak society is still very strong. Therefore, the construction of houses is usually done work together to resolve. Materials used are generally chosen well with the best quality. Uniquely selection of the wood is done by masons with wood banging way to find a timber that has the loudest voice. In other words, the louder the sound of wood being hit, then the better the quality. Just like the house in general, the foundation has also become the most important aspect of a Batak house. Generally, a foundation created by the rectangular formation combined with a pole and a solid wall. Meaning foundation of this unique design symbolizes the importance of cooperation to carry heavy loads. Bataknese unique home design is supported by the main pole on the roof, often called pole pole Ninggor. High Pole Model Ninggor straight and reinforced by other smaller pole. Pole also has a meaning which is a symbol of honesty. Honesty must be upheld by a sense of justice, it is a symbol of justice symbolized by the pillars that support the main mast or pole of Ninggor. Home Interior Design Batak The majority of the Batak cleaning the house with a unique way that swept across parts of the house, and remove dirt or debris that is collected through a hole made in the cooking stove, it is becoming one of the factors that cause it can be said Unique Home Design. Garbage disposal pit called Talaga hole. Like the other parts, holes Talaga has a special meaning which is to dispose of all evil aura at home and forget about the properties or behaviors that are less good. In a traditional house made the small size of the stage house, or you could say the balcony in a regular house. Houses a small stage that is used for storing food and symbolize the launch of hope for survival. In every part of the entrance of the house there is always a ladder. Maybe for us if the ladder is damaged then we would complain about having to frequently repair. As with the Batak ethnic communities, if the design of the ladder quickly broken precisely because they boast means lots of guests or people who come to visit. This indicates homeowners are good people and friendly much respected. Unique home design that we see from a variety of traditional houses in Indonesia, may be a bit much to inspire us when making the design of the house. So we should not be based on the design of luxury homes are generally override the importance of culture.

Model Design minimalist Simple Plan Type 36

Minimalist house type 36 is one of the favorites of society in terms of occupancy. Despite having a relatively small form, but the charm of this house type 36 can still make consumers / people still choose it. Why? Yes, probably one of the factors because this house is a house that can be obtained with a budget that is not too big so you can have a house with a relatively fast and relatively small budget. However, if you choose the type of home, you also should not expect luxury homes, because the house is minimalist type 36 is designed with simplicity. Simple minimalist house type 36 is very suitable for use by the newlyweds because the house will be able to provide warmth that can increase domestic harmony. Fitting homes for small families also will not make you a hassle in maintenance so that you can clear up on their own without the help of a maid. Really a very economical house is not it? Not only that, you also do not need to put a lot of furniture in a minimalist model of type 36 because of the increasing number of models of furniture in this house will actually be able to make the room feel cramped. If you intend to have it, you can refer to the details of the design of simple minimalist house type 36. Minimalist House Design Type 36 36 types of home design is very simple due to the most only have a few rooms in the house itself. Important rooms in the house minimalist certainly needed is such 2 bedrooms, 1 living room, 1 living room, 1 kitchen and 1 bathroom. Model minimalist type 36 is usually applied to the housing prepared for middle class families so it is fitting if the home is designed with a very simple model and budget enough or mediocre. If you have a minimalist home and a simple house type 36, you can conjure up the house into a home more appealing in terms of appearance and comfort. Of course, a simple house can still be arranged as comfortable as possible, if you want it. You can start from changing the composition of the house. To make this type of house type 36 to make it more beautiful and attractive, you can apply paint indoor and outdoor models that have been widely applied in the design minimalist house simple. For the interior you can see Interior Design Simple You can paint the exterior look of the house with a dark color such as gray or brown. Whereas, for the interior of the house, you can choose a contrasting color but still interesting. Although bright colors are usually chosen to polish the interior, but do not choose bright colors that tacky because of the color can make your residence becomes visible aneh.Selain that, in determining the minimalist house design type 36, you do not have to use a different color for each room because it will not save your budget and instead it adds to the cost of buying colorful paint. As a workaround, you can apply a gradient between the walls, furniture, and home accessories which are an alternative or a solution to create a simple house that will look beautiful. For example, if you choose gray color to polished wall of the house, then to make the house look alive, you can choose a white sofa as your furniture. As a sweetener room and give the impression that match, you can choose a carpet patterned with color matching the color of the walls of the shelter so that your home really looks slick and smooth. Minimalist House Plan Type 36 Simple Once you know these simple minimalist design house, it could not hurt to consider also the minimalist one-story house plans and designs or sketches house type 36. This will assist you in organizing your home to see comfortably habitable. In front of the house, you can set aside some land for the home garden terrace as well as a place to relax while looking around the house. In addition to the house, you can make it as a vehicle garage that is connected directly to the side door rumah.Kemudian, when you enter the house through the main door, you will find the living room. On the left side of the living room, there is space for rest. Directly after the living room, you will find a dining room that is only hindered by a curtain or plywood only. In the middle between the dining room and the living room, there is a small kitchen on the right. See also Model Minimalist Simple To the left of the dining room, there is a bedroom whose size is wider than the previous bedroom. When you eat, you can see the park directly behind the house there is a small patio as a place to relax. There is also, a toilet that letakkanya leave the kitchen that is connected directly to the sink on the left. Good information about the minimalist type 36 can be useful as an inspiration for all of us in terms of making a home.

Tiny House Design Modern And Simple

Latest tiny house design, modern, simple and also you can find now. Design houses such as this is quite a favorite, and much sought after by people. Now there are many houses that implement such designs. Not only newly built house, but also now build residential property industry has also begun implementing models of home like that. Design a simple little house today is also a lot that has a modern look, in addition to modern also looks elegant. That's because the house have started using a model that is unique exterior and also wear some examples of paving placed on the front page of occupancy. The paving will be used for a stepping stone, where paving will help you as well as guests who visit so as not to step on the grass that is grown in the garden. Besides paving can also serve as accessories so that the house looks better, especially in the residential facade. Let's read more. Other Home Accessories For a small house that uses simple concepts combined with modern, besides utilizing paving as accessories, you can also use the other to serve as accessories as well. Surely there are many alternatives that you can choose in order to be seen more artistic home and also looks more beautiful than ever before. One other accessories is the fence, the fence also has a primary function as a safety house of evil. You can create a fence that has its own special character, so set it apart than other fence. By using the fence design and special character, then you will have aesthetic value of its own to the front of your house. Your home will be more beautiful look despite its size, including the size of a small house. Please see the first photos Modern Minimalist House. Simple photo Tiny Houses
You can see various photos of a simple little house, whether it is within the country or from abroad, you can use the photo to get inspiration from the design of the house you want, and that best suits your desire. The most important thing is a house that must have beautiful artistic value as a residence for the present and future. For a small house, you can also add the fish pond in the front garden of the house. By using a fish pond, the little house you will look more beautiful than ever before. Fill the fish pond with colorful fish, with a mini pool so you will look more alive. And when viewed as a whole, your home will look better than ever before. Using Carpet You can also use the carpet to decorate the interior of the living room in your modern small house. Carpets are sold at a price that is not too cheap, but the carpet is very helpful in improving the interior of a room, especially a room that is not too large. You can try to choose a carpet that has the color blue or red, the two colors you can easily apply alongside other colors. With the selection of carpet colors and pattern is right, undoubtedly tiny living room interior you will be getting better. A few articles about modern small house design and simple, may be useful for all of us, and do not forget to look Minimalist Garden Design and Terrace House in 2015.

Various Kinds of Pictures Luxury Homes

On occasion we will present some examples of images of luxury homes along some tips that might be a reference for you all in selecting a nice luxury home for your family. As we know that, at this time there are a lot of models of luxury homes that probably you can choose for your family. With a nice and modern architecture you can find several luxury homes with the concept, which has a minimalist architectural design is simple yet luxurious impression. Therefore, for all of you who want to buy or build a luxury home with the concept of home in accordance with your wishes, in this article we will try to give some tips on choosing a luxury home which is nice and you can also see some pictures of luxury homes in the article This home design.
Tips for Choosing a Home Luxury Good For Your Family When you select a mansion for kaluarga you, you should see some pictures of luxury homes are good for you and your family deserve to be occupied by you with the family inside. To mmeilih luxury homes that fit, then you must calculate the price banderolan owned by the luxury house, or you also have to calculate the cost to you keularkan to buy luxury homes tersbeut. In addition, the sata you choose a good home, you also need to know the number of people who are in your family, you and you adjust the amount of space that resides in your home especially for bedroom which is usually populated by certain people inside. There are still many things you should consider when you choose a luxury home for your family. In addition to those aspects of the beauty of the mansion, you also have to pay attention to in terms of the usability of any room in the house is a luxury that you choose. By choosing a luxury home which is nice and has a function that is perfect for your family, then you will feel comfortable while being in the luxury home you choose. Thus present information about the image of luxury homes along some tips that might help you in choosing a luxury home which is nice and appropriate for your family. In conclusion of the talks, hopefully article we smapaikan in the article the design of this house can be sebuha reference for you all, and hopefully with the info on the picture luxury homes, you can find out how to choose a luxury home with home equity the latest trends and suit with your wishes as the occupants of the mansion.