Sunday, 29 January 2017

Bottle Houses Bandung Mayor Ridwan Kamil

Modern home is the result of the exploration of the mass, structure and proportion, supported by innovative design also advanced technology, all focused in order to obtain the creation of a new brand. By exploring creative ideas, this house features wrap aesthetic and functional design. Ridwan Kamil, the designer is also the owner has successfully designed a modern house in the land trapezoidal structure and a floating element.The main building is U-shaped, thus making the interior layout is separated. Ridwan composed room between the rooms, opening one to the other through a transparent and domination play grill in the interior line. Each of the rooms connect to one another with a space next to the next. For example, the front parlor directly connected to the living room, but separated by a difference floor.For the interior, Ridwan Kamil make the place as comfortable as possible. For the living room, he put the Arne Jacobsen Egg chair in a contrasting color red to the room so that makes this so interesting. A red lazy lounge in the courtyard will be the focal point in place (you can see the concrete structure that encloses the recliner red). Maybe you get inspiration about the modern home. There is minimal use of paint. As a substitute, there are textured materials such as natural stone, wallpaper, wood paneling, iron grill, and few materials that meet the board interior. I like the idea to decorate a modern bathroom in red. With the addition of natural stone for packaging floor, glazed tile in shades of this place to be more attractive and eye catching.

Ridwan Kamil Indonesia is a young architect of international reputation. Big name and his works became the inspiration for many other young architects in Indonesia. In addition to a busy work as an architect, Ridwan Kamil also be initiators and Director of Bandung Creative City Forum. One of the architectural masterpiece Ridwan Kamil is their home itself.
Located in the cool temperate city, Bandung, Indonesia, the architect who is familiarly called as Emil builds his house out of 30,000 glass bottles former energy drinks. Emil chose a bottle of this famous brand energy drinks because he thinks the bottle is not recovered by the owner of the industry to be refilled, as is usually done by soft drink bottles that are circulating on the market. Emil collect tens of thousands of used glass bottles it for 2 years! It shows the commitment that is very high on design concepts and ideas to reduce waste in the city at the same time.
"I was annoyed when my hometown, Bandung, Bandung Lautan once dubbed the Trash," he said in an opportunity to address a TEDx, independent TED event held in Jakarta in July 2010. Besides the idea of ​​using brown glass bottle also comes from his habit of attention to the workers who frequently consume these beverages. "The brown color of the glass are also in harmony with the color of the wood," he said as quoted from
In addition to the bottle to mix and match the design of the house with wood, Emil arrangement also incorporates a bottle with glass block in some parts. In order to minimize the use of paint on the outside of the building, the architect also let some of the concrete is exposed and display the natural color of concrete. Accentuating the contrast obtained from the use of furniture and other interior elements in the interior of the house.
His hard work was not in vain, in 2009 Emil Green Design Award 2009 awarded by BCI Asia, beating at least 80 other participants from 8 countries, namely Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Hong Kong and China. The house that stood on the land trapezoid-shaped area of ​​373 square meters is feasible labeled green is not just because it is built of waste glass bottles locally, but also because of the nature of glass opaque allow incoming sunlight during the day to make this building is able to save on the use of light bulbs at noon.


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