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The container is a crate or box technical compliance with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) as a tool or transport of goods that could be used in different modes, ranging from road-based modes with container trucks, trains and container ships, Part of the harness container as their home because in its manufacture is very easy.
Here are 10 cool design house Container
1. PV14 House

This house was designed by Matt Mooney is a head office in the city Corgan based in Texas, he decided to use the container as their home. More than 14 containers he used to build a giant house with an area of 3.700m2. It has three bedrooms, five bathrooms and an outdoor swimming pool with a few ornaments
2. Tiny Off-Grid 20 Foot Shipping Container Home

This container design is the work of Brenda Kelly of iqcontainer homes have dreamed of staying in a container home since he was 13, and he himself makes the model and created a design for the container house.
His new home is made from a single 20 foot container and because of its size that does not require a building permit or approval of the board.
3. Nomad Living Guesthouse

These containers were designed and built in 2013 by Arnold Aarssen of Studio Arte. It is based in the Algarve region of Portugal and only uses one 40-foot container that provides more than 300 square feet of open space.
4. Taj Malodge

Larry Wade of seacontainercabin, Building a container house in the year 2010 and the total cost of the home approximately $ 35,000 USD. Larry uses two containers of 40 feet for his size and use features solar panels on the roof that are used to provide electricity and hot water.
5. North Branch Container House

Container house is built by Robyn Volker, from New York who wants to have a small home-style country. she has friends with Tim Steele of who helped to design the house.
The house is built into the hillside to take advantage of sloping terrain. Two containers of 40 feet by 4 feet fused separate containers to create approximately 800 m2 of open space.
Two larger container supported using 20-foot container used for storage.
6. Manifesto House

Container house Manifesto House is renowned container home design to date. This house was made using 85% recycled materials / eco-friendly and designed by James & Mau.
7. Containers of Hope

Perhaps just as famous Manifesto House. These containers are designed by Benjamin Garcia Saxe for Peralta family. This house cost at least $ 40,000 USD to provide more than 600 m2 of open space.
8. The DeWitt and Kasravi Sea Container Home

Kam Kasravi and Connie Dewitt is the family who owns this impressive container. This house was designed by Modulus using four containers high.
This container is a container of pre-fabricated off-site and then shipped to California before they make. The top floor has nine skylights fitted to the roof to provide natural lighting.
9. The Beach Box

The beach box container house was built in the Hamptons, one of the most expensive areas of New York. The house was built by Andrew Anderson in containers purchased from SG Blocks. Containers on the ground level is used to make four bedrooms. The second floor contains a kitchen, dining room and living room. Just in case this is not enough, this home also features 1,300 square feet of exterior decking and pool.
10. New Orleans Shipping Container Home

You may have seen in the news recently this shipping container house built for Seth Rodewald-Bates? Home costs around $ 200,000 USD to build and was completed back in 2012. Seth and his team of friends and family spent two years building a house, working in the evenings and weekends. home container finish contains one bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, office and living area.


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